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Our staff is completely invested in the positive outcomes of our clients. No matter what their area of expertise, the Triumph Recovery team works with you and your family to develop an individualized treatment plan specially designed for your needs.

The goal of each team member is to compassionately and professionally guide you through every phase of your recovery. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled recovery experience.

While members of our staff may indeed have their own success with overcoming addiction, that in and of itself does not qualify them to work in treatment. We require our clinical team to be certified in addiction treatment and have extensive hands on experience in the field.

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John's Bio

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John Hakopya

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Larry's Bio

Larry Word has ten years’ experience building and managing successful addictions treatment programs. After becoming a certified substance abuse counselor in 2010, Larry successfully created, designed, and implemented a 15 week pilot program aimed at reducing recidivism in the ex-offender population. The program—named ACTION (Addictions Counseling and Treatment in Institutions for Overcoming Narcotics)—was later adopted by the California Department of Corrections and continues in use today. Larry authored the winning grant for expanding Recovery Coaching through the California Access to Recovery Effort (CARE). The CARE grant allowed Larry to integrate Recovery Coaching, Peer Support, and Spiritual Counseling into an already dynamic outpatient program for teens. Larry has also served as a Program Compliance consultant to a variety of organizations, specializing in Title 9 & 22 compliance, DHCS certification standards, and application of patients’ rights under the Affordable Care Act. He joined the Triumph team as Program Director in July of 2017.

Larry Word earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Governors State University. He holds degrees in Business Management, Liberal Arts, and General Education from Palo Verde College, graduating Summa Cum Laude and twice earning the valedictorian honor. Larry also holds a Paralegal degree from the Blackstone School of Law and graduated Armstrong Bible College. Larry has been a featured trainer on SAMHSA webinars and earned Outstanding Leadership Award from the Chancellor & Board of Trustees of California Community Colleges for his contributions in expanding rehabilitation opportunities to the incarcerated. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two children. Larry has been in recovery since 2001.

Larry Word

Program Director
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Kelly's Bio

Kelly Menes began working in Drug and Alcohol Treatment since 2010. She studied education and sociology at the University of California Riverside and continued her education to obtain a master's of science in marriage and family therapy. She is passionate about providing clinical support and therapy to individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as the family members that are affected by the disease of addiction. With encouragement from a mentor, Kelly left working in treatment in Orange County to Los Angeles where she was fortunate to join the team at Triumph Recovery. She adds to the team with her extensive knowledge in management, organization, and specializing in all aspects of Joint Commission.

Kelly Menes

Clinical Supervisor
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Kevin's Bio

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Kevin Carroll

Director of Admissions & Marketing
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Scott's Bio

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Scott Ford

Chief Program Officer
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Armen' Bio

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Armen Akopyan

Technician Supervisor
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Gary's Bio

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Gary Edwards

Executive Chef
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