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The safety of our clients and staff is our priority. We are open and following all federal and state protocols.

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Triumph Recovery

We Are Dedicated to Every Client’s Success

At Triumph Recovery, we are dedicated to every client’s success. We deliver on that commitment by providing the highest level of care and services to our clients using the industries latest and most effective treatment approaches.

Triumph Recovery is dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment for chemical dependency in a caring and compassionate milieu. Confidentiality is upheld with utmost respect and each client is treated with dignity. We strive to replace hopelessness, fear and despair with optimism. We offer a gateway to sobriety filled with new insights and living skills. Believing that recovery is a way of life, clients will be introduced to outside support systems which can include the philosophy and practice of 12-Step support programs. Our Staff of professionals is committed to excellence while providing our clients with a warm, understanding environment in which these goals can be realized.

We proudly offer Breathwork for Recovery®

At our facilities

Breathwork for Recovery® is an organization of trained and certified mental health professionals who are committed to using breathwork in its highest ethical form. Breathwork is a simple technique that assists in processing trauma, developing healthier thought patterns, and creating a new perspective on old behavior. This two-stage rhythm helps calm the brain and allows clients to experience a more tangible connection to their bodies.

This practice allows clients to become more aware of buried emotion and deep-seated trauma while identifying the necessary steps toward healing those wounds. Because breathwork doesn’t depend on conscious thought, it is able to successfully circumnavigate the defense mechanisms and roadblocks typically encountered during conventional talk therapy and, often after just one session, clients are able to see and feel the nurturing effects.

Triumph Recovery is a trauma-based addiction treatment center with a full spectrum of recovery programs for men and women. Our multi-level program meets our clients’ recovery needs no matter their stage of recovery. We treat the following addictions:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Heroin Addiction
  • Opiate Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Meth Addiction
We accept most major insurance plans, including:
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Aftercare Treatment Program At Triumph Recovery

Triumph Recover offers sober living aftercare treatment program to all its clients who underwent rehabilitation and detox programs at our center. We provide a lot more than a transition living facility. Our medical team will develop for you or your loved one an individual recovery methodology and will encourage you or your loved one participate in 12-step programs.  In the course of your stay, we will help you overcome possible relapse risks, carry out regular drug tests, organize meetings for you.

Detox Does Not
Have to Be Scary

The Detoxification Treatment Program is specially designed to help adults recover with drug and alcohol related problems as quickly as possible. This treatment is focused at clients who are in an immediate need of a sub-acute detox from alcohol and drugs in a helpful social environment in order to achieve temperance and lasting recovery.

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Our Residential Program

Our goal in providing a residential treatment setting is to allow a client to ‘breathe’, to take a period of time that is not rife with the chaos that is active addiction, to become educated regarding how this insidious behavior becomes ‘normal’, and to be given an opportunity to resolve deep seeded issues that facilitate a sense of hopelessness, depression, and anxiety.

Our program’s philosophy believes in empowering the individual to create a treatment plan with an experienced team of clinicians that creates a sense of hope, optimism, and ultimately freedom.

Triumph Recovery offers a gateway to recovery filled with new insights and living skills. We provide treatment in a caring, supportive environment, which preserves dignity and respect for the individual. Everyone deserves dignity and respect even though they may not believe they do.

Our Testimonials

Triumph recovery is one of the very few rehabilitation centers that is considered a five star program in Los Angeles. I looked at about a hundred different rehab centers and none of them even came close to the kind of prestigious program they are running at Triumph Recovery. The treatment facility looks for the bigger problem behind the addiction and that's what they did with me. They helped me relies the bigger issue and broke it down step by step to get to the solution. Triumph Recovery is not a treatment center where you can just sit back, kick your feet up, and think you are just going to hang out and get by without doing anything. They take your addiction seriously because to them addiction is a serious disease and they will do whatever it takes to make sure they treat everyones disease with the time you're with them. Everyone is treated with the upmost respect with no discrimination of any kind there are no exceptions for anyone just serious recovery. They are a six bed male Detox and Residential treatment facility with a full time chef, an indoor gym, and staff working around the clock to attend your every need. At Triumph they have the best staff in all of Los Angeles they give a one on one treatment approach with a 2 to 1 staff to client ratio, individualized classes, group classes, and in house meetings. Everything that you deserve and need is met by triumph recovery and that is one thing these other treatment centers don't give. Even after leaving triumph recovery I am welcomed back whenever I want to just come hangout, talk to clients, or even join in on some groups.

Andy V. Burlingame, CA

Polished and professional, Triumph is literally the best you can ask for in a male-only detox. Their focus is on the trauma that is behind addiction, and they will encourage you (rightfully so) to stay for their 30-day program. Scott has been in the business for years, and he definitely knows what he's doing. The rest of the staff has been hand-picked, and they are nothing but caring and professional. I only stayed for 7 days because of a personal conflict, but I encourage anyone who is struggling with addiction to call the guys at Triumph and start putting the pieces back together. Omar, the nurse, took care of me from the moment I got in the car on the way there until the moment I stepped out the door. Seriously, if you're fighting demons with addiction, this can be the end of the hardship and the beginning of the light.

Dustin T.Los Angeles, CA

This was my first treatment program and it truly made me feel safe and secure. Everyday when working with the therapists and counselors I have learned a lot of effective ways to treat my addiction and trauma. Every staff here will meet your needs and will give you the up-most support you can possibly receive. I highly recommend this recovery center to anyone struggling with addiction and trauma. It has made me feel less anxious, depressed, and more confident about myself and talking with others about my addiction. If you want the next step in your recovery, please give this place a try for the 30 day program.

Alexander B. Altadena, CA

The most ethical and well intentioned recovery I've ever had experienced working with. Nothing but support, experience, hope, and care.

Jenny T.Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend Triumph Recovery. I am not a patient, but my son was. When I first walk into Triumph recovery it felt like home, they welcomed us with open arms and nothing but love. I was so confident to leave my son in their arms, when my son completed his treatment and came home he was a different person finally I got my son back. All I can say is I am a happy mother again. Thank you Triumph Recovery.

Lina V. Burlingame, CA

To learn more about Triumph Recovery Detox Programs and Treatments or to receive assistance in determining the relevant detox program or treatment for you or your loved one, contact us now. Our professional team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to help you or a loved one overcome addiction and start a new life free from drugs and alcohol:

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