Aftercare Program Aim

The aftercare program at Triumph Recovery is designed to help our clients continue their drug-free life without any risks of relapses. Our professional and well trained medical team have developed the program to help you or your loved one avoid relapses, stay sober and eventually have a life without addiction.

The aftercare program you or your loved one receive can strongly influence on the addiction rehab program you have undergone previously. Like in the case of the treatment programs, our professionals develop individual aftercare programs for each patient.

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Aftercare Program Types

Outpatient Aftercare Treatment Program

Outpatient treatment aftercare program, in general, is conducted in clinic or office location. After the completion of the rehab program, the patients visit the clinic or office five days a week. Later as the program continues, they continue visiting the facility two or three days per week and eventually step down. Patients have regular therapeutic and educational group meetings.

Halfway Houses Aftercare Treatment Program

Sober living home aftercare treatment programs provide more safe and drug-free environment living setting to transition into. In the case of this treatment type, individuals staying at the center are closely monitored to avoid possible relapses. These homes are for those who want to keep sober from drug and alcohol.

Aftercare Treatment Program At Triumph Recovery

Triumph Recover offers sober living aftercare treatment program to all its clients who underwent rehabilitation and detox programs at our center. We provide a lot more than a transition living facility. Our medical team will develop for you or your loved one an individual recovery methodology and will encourage you or your loved one participate in 12-step programs.  In the course of your stay, we will help you overcome possible relapse risks, carry out regular drug tests, organize meetings for you.

Sober living aftercare treatment centers first emerged back in the 1830s, and became more popular after World War II to assist with widespread alcohol-related problems. These facilities and aftercare treatment programs are designed exclusively for those who want to maintain their addiction free life from alcohol and drugs. In many cases staying sober is extremely hard and requires stable, drug-free environment.

  • Individual counselingWe provide you or your loved one with individual counseling. We understand that each client\s case is individual and therefore needs unique and needs based approach

  •  Peer Support

    Our specialists understand the real value and strength of peer support, and this is the reason we provide peer support service to clients who undergo aftercare treatment.

  •  12-step treatment philosophy

    We encourage our patients to undergo 12-step treatment programs during the aftercare treatment.

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