Triumph Recovery’s goals and objectives for each Client include the following:

Eliminate dependency on mind-altering substances

At Triumph, we are focused on long term recovery from drugs and alcohol, and not perpetuating the revolving door policy that we have evidenced as so detrimental to the self esteem of a recovering person. Of course relapse can happen to anyone, but long term recovery remains the goal should that happen.

Meet the educational needs of the client

Many who suffer from addiction, including the family members of addicts, have little to no education regarding exactly what it is they are dealing with, and are quick to believe it is a barometer of moral deficiency. It is not. Part of the process of successful treatment is understanding the underlying causes and conditions that lead to active addiction, and this is done in both individual and group sessions.

Assess and meet the medical needs of the client

Utilizing licensed medical staff that specialize in addiction treatment, the medical needs of a Client will constantly be addressed throughout their stay. Many who arrive in treatment do not find themselves to be in the best physical condition, and we have extensive experience with successfully treating these maladies.

Assess and meet the psychological needs of the client

All of our clients undergo a psychosocial assessment and psychological testing, by a fully licensed psychologist, to ensure that these needs are met. Through the use of treatment plans and constant clinical communication, these needs are addressed throughout a clients stay.

Utilization of external resources

Due to extensive experience treating addicts and alcoholics, we have amassed a large resource directory that is able to address just about anything that could develop in a clients treatment. If we do not provide a specialized service in house, we utilize these resources in order to make sure the client gets exactly what they need.

Assist the client to attempt to resolve any and all legal issues

Legal issues seem to go hand in hand with active addiction and many clients enter treatment burdened by the fear of impending legal issues. We understand how distracting this is to a client, and in an attempt to gain their focus on recovery, we will do whatever we can to provide them with recourse in which to solve these issues and relieve fear and anxiety.

Assist the client to develop life skills

Life skills are an important stepping stone to building self worth and as such are integral to our program. Clients learn how to take responsibility for themselves and their environment by actively participating in its upkeep through the use of simple chores.

Inclusion of the family

Addiction is something that touches every member of the addicts family and friends, and many families are at a loss for what to do to resolve the worry, fear, anger and resentment that accompanies a loved ones addiction. Family involvement is imperative and highly encouraged. Of course the addict is the obvious choice for who needs help, but surprisingly the family needs as much, or even more help, as the case may be. Family groups, session work, and visitation are integral to our program.

Develop a long term discharge plan

As many in the recovery community say, ‘sobriety is a marathon, not a sprint’. Years of learned negative behavioral patterns do not just disappear in 30 days, no matter how strong the will to remain sober is. As such, we develop a long term treatment plan with the client that includes aftercare counseling, groups, vocational goals, developing a support system, safe housing, and relapse prevention.

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