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Methamphetamine Among Young Abusers

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Methamphetamine is known as one of the most addictive and potent drugs available in the market. Known as crystal methamphetamine or just meth is a powerful drug that highly stimulates the central nervous system. Meth is common for its highly addictive properties. In majority instances, a drug addict is someone who has been consuming drugs from a young age. In recent times, the number of young adults involved in using meth as a drug has increased at a rampant pace.

The effects and impact of crystal meth on young abusers is obvious. The drug can cause irreversible damage to young adults – regardless of how many times they use it. It is believed that occasional or an addict to crystal meth are most likely to develop cognitive and physical damage which could be substantial and permanent.

Everyone has their own reasoning for consuming the drug. Several young abusers believe that crystal meth elevates their mood and makes them happy while others do it because of their social circle. This is true because the feelings after taking the drug is something they seek, and then are unable to quit.

For instance, a person who takes meth would feel the following symptoms:

·         Sleeplessness
·         Extremely hyper and euphoric
·         Increased physical activity
·         High body temperature and blood pressure
·         Elevated breathing rate
·         Nausea
·         Tremors
·         Paranoia

Irrespective of why and how many times they do it, young abusers are at higher risk than adults to develop diseases and infections. The drug is known for damaging the brain’s blood vessels permanently, rotting of teeth, anorexia, tremors, heart attacks, stroke, and convulsions. The abusers may also be at risk of kidney, liver, and lungs damage.

The side effects of the drug are worst – young abusers are fascinated with the buzz or quick joyous feeling it may provide for the time being. However, once the reaction is nearing the end, an individual may feel:

·         Anxiety
·         Fatigue
·         Depression
·         Seizures
·         Unpredictable bad behavior

There is a reason why it is considered as one of the worst drugs that exist in the market. Being a hard drug itself, crystal meth is also known for taking lots of lives due to over dosage. People tend to forget their limit due to which they have to face immediate and serious negative consequences.


Hence in a nutshell, if you are one of them or know a group of young adults who does crystal meth, it is recommended to discourage the use and bring them towards the right path. Call us at (818) 736-9891 or visit our website to learn how we can help you #TriumphOverAddiction. 

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