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At Triumph Recovery, we offer professionally medical supervised substance abuse detox services to our clients. Our individually designed substance abuse detox program is the first step towards the drug abuse and addiction treatment. This program offers the patients the relevant tools and techniques to fully recover.

The aim of substance abuse detox program at Triumph Recovery is to provide our clients both medical and physiological healing after long-term drug addiction. We start our program by stabilization of the situation of our client, and later start the detoxification, during which the body rids itself of the drug. Our professional medical personal is there to assist you or your loved one during the detox process, manage the often unpleasant withdrawal symptoms and help you overcome the situation without any relapses.

Detox is not a full treatment from drug addiction, rather a first step towards the life free from drugs.

National Institute on Drug Abuse defines “Addiction” as a chronic repeating brain disease, which is characterized by substance seeking and usage. The addiction is considered brain disease as the substances were taken affect the human brain and change its structure. In a long run, these drugs also change human’s behavior resulting in harmful and often self-destructive consequences.

The dedicated and professional team of Triumph Recovery understands that addiction has both physical and psychological consequences. Therefore, our substance abuse detox program is designed not only to combat abuse and addiction of the drugs but also eliminate risks of any relapses. Detox alone can help simply remove the drug from the body, however, the full treatment program with relevant follow-up care and therapy will ensure drug-free life.

Treatment of substance abuse in Triumph Recovery is delivered using various behavioral and pharmacological techniques and approaches.

Apart detox programs we provide counseling, case based relevant medications, behavioral therapy. The first step however to combat substance abuse is the detox program. During the substance abuse detox at Triumph Recovery, our psychiatrists and medical team will offer you or your loved one a detox process, which will help our patients gradually adjust their body to the new situation without any drugs.

Addiction can be defined as a compulsory intake of brain altering substances that affect behaviour.

Your case is unique for us. Individual detox plan is developed according to the information obtained during the initial medical examination. When developing the substance abuse detox program plan we take into consideration the addiction severity and duration, whether there are co-occurring mental health disorders, client specific needs.


Premier Men’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Southern California

At Triumph Recovery, we offer personalized detox and rehab programs for men. Because everyone’s path to recovery is unique, all of our treatment plans are fully customized by our team of clinical experts.


Triumph Recovery rehab and detox center offers a homey environment where our patients can fully recover from their addiction.


Triumph Recovery offers a gateway to recovery filled with new insights and living skills.

Types of substance abuse detox programs

In our male and female oriented residential detox and rehab center, we offer a number of various types of detox programs: natural detox, medical detox, and medicated detox programs. Depending on the client’s condition we offer the best options that fit your case the most

Substance Abuse Detox: Natural Detox Program

Majority of detox specialists will state that natural detox or “cold turkey” detox is not effective and not recommended, however, at Triumph Recovery we offer our client’s medically supervised natural detox to combat substance abuse and addiction. During our natural detox program, the patients are placed in our facility and stop taking the drug of their choice. This is the simplest version, yet when done at home without professional medical supervision it may have dreadful consequences. When undergoing substance abuse detox natural program in our residential facility, our medical team will be there for you all day round and will ensure you or your loved one’s quick recovery.

Substance Abuse Detox: Medical Detox Program

In contrast to natural detox during the medical detox we provide our patients relevant medications that can help them overcome the withdrawal symptoms and continue the treatment. Our medical detox program decreases risks of health complications and future relapses. Without professional oversight during the detox the relapse can have a fatal outcome. Why? During the detox period body is getting used to lower dose of drugs and when relapse occurs patients tend to get more dose, resulting in overdose.

Substance Abuse Detox: Medicated Detox Program

Compared to the medical detox program during the medicated detox program patients are not provided replacement medication. Instead, we provide them prescription non-addictive medications that help them overcome symptoms of substance abuse detox. When our medical personnel sees that you or a loved one is having a hard time with sleeping during the detox period (insomnia) we offer you medication that helps you sleep, or in case you have muscular aches we give you non-addictive painkillers.

During the initial stage of detox program patients may witness various withdrawal symptoms, like insomnia, headaches, vomiting and so on. The symptoms mainly depend on the drug of choice the patient was addicted to. During this stage, our medical and psychiatric staff members will be there for you and your loved one 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to provide effectively and on time support.

Having experience dealing with various drug type detoxes, our team understands that withdrawal can cause not only physical but also psychological symptoms. For example, detox from some drugs can result in depression, hallucinations, and suicidal thoughts. This is the time when our psychiatrists come to help to ensure the safety of the patients.

Substance Abuse Detox Duration

The detox period of each patient is different taking into consideration a number of factors, which are:

  • How long the individual was addicted to the drug?
  • What was the average dosage of the drug intake per day?
  • Does he have other health problems?
  • What type of detox program he will undergo
  • And so on.

In general the substance abuse detox in Triumph Recovery ends when there are no more withdrawal symptoms. We also take care that the emotional situation of the patient is also stabilised. One of the goals of detox program is not only remove the toxins from patient’s body, but also ensure that he is mentally and physically ready to pass to the other stage of treatment.

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Three Stages Our Substance Abuse Detox Program


When deciding to start a new life in our residential facility, clients are invited to a private discussion with our in-house psychiatrists and rehab counselor to assess both mental and physical situation before the actual substance abuse detox starts. This initial assessment helps us identify the needs of the client, find the exact program for him and develop the initial program for detoxification. During this stage, we also carry out the medical, psychological and physical evaluation of you or your loved one’s health situation. In case we decide on medical detox for you, these assessments help us identify the exact medications that will be required for easing the withdrawal symptoms.


Each person’s withdrawal experience is unique, however, we tend to make it as painless as possible. After the assessments are done and the program is designed by our physicians we start the detoxification process. During this period we constantly carry out medical health checkups, organize meetings with counselors and help you interact with other patients rehabbing in our facility. When developing the withdrawal plan for you or a loved one, we take into consideration a number of factors:

  • Amount, frequency, and method of substance use
  • Level of tolerance
  • Addiction severity
  • Co-occurring health conditions, mental illnesses, chronic diseases.

Our medical team understands that the longer the gap between the detox and treatment, the higher the risk of relapse. Therefore, once you or a loved one is through the substance abuse detox we pass to one of our addiction treatment programs.

To learn more about Triumph Recovery Detox Programs and Treatments or to receive assistance in determining the relevant detox program or treatment for you or your loved one, contact us now. Our professional team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to help you or a loved one overcome addiction and start a new life free from drugs and alcohol:

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