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The Impact of Hard and Soft Drugs

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There are no ‘exact’ words to show how different soft and hard drugs are. Typically, scientists refer hard drugs as those which are more addictive, toxic, and potent. In simpler words, addiction and toxication determines the hardness or softness of a particular drug. Regardless of the type of drugs available in the market today, the impact of them on human lives is drastic. Many analysts have associated drug addiction to poverty.

It goes without saying that consumption of drugs has a negative impact on the body. But, some people are not actually aware of how exactly a hard or soft drug affects a body. For instance what drug is responsible for damaging a certain organ or system within your body – this is something a study would tell you.

Here, we are discussing the impact of hard and soft drugs on a human body. 

Drugs irrespective of the type and form damage a human being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let’s say if you consume marijuana or someone you know smokes marijuana every now and then, they will have reduced brain function. Marijuana strains the cognition development of an individual and the brains of those people work differently when compared to others. Studies have found and proved that it could have a profound impact on intelligence levels. However, it is yet to be confirmed whether quitting marijuana use would revert the brain functionality or not.

This is not only limited to those people who smoke marijuana, but all those who take any kind of drugs. Yes, drugs are prone to change the structure of your brain.

If we talk about the use of methamphetamine as a drug, it is also associated to brain damage among young adults. Not only is this a hard drug, but studies have found how dangerous it is for a human body. Teens who actively used methamphetamine had frontal cortex part in the brain damaged when compared to those who do not use it. According to a source, “Damage to that part of the brain is especially problematic because adolescents’ ability to control risk behavior is less mature than that of adults.”

Hence in a nutshell, it does not matter what form or type of drug you use or are addicted to. Drugs, on whole, have a negative impact on a human body and it is recommended to prevent yourself from them.

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